Metal-air battery integration for cargo compartment fire suppression

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Today, most aircraft still use Halon-based fire suppression systems for cargo compartment inertisation following a fire event. Halon 1301 is a very effective fire extinguishing agent. However, it is also a harmful substance with high ozone depletion potential. The use of halon for critical applications including aviation is being phased out, and will be completely banned by 2040 as set out in the Montreal Protocol. There is a need for innovative, lightweight and more environmentally-friendly fire suppression solutions for the aerospace sector.


02Free Newsletter – Agost 2022

O2FREE Newsletter - August 2022  O2FREE is now at the 20th month since it started, which is the home stretch of this 2-year project. After most of the material developments carried out and the battery casing, structure and cabling designed, the final assembly and...

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